About the ACK


Here's the long(er) and short of it all...

I'm a 30-something A/V guy currently living with my wonderful wife. By day I work in A/V for a local Fortune 500 company. In the evenings and on weekends, I spend my free time with my wife and racing as much as possible.

Racing? Yes... racing. Not what most people would think though - I'm far from anything NASCAR related (thankfully). I race in the SCCA's Solo series (aka autocross) with the Glen Region of the SCCA. We basically acquire a parking lot or large open space (airstrip?) and setup about a 60 second course of cones. And while there may be more than one car running at once, it is not wheel to wheel racing. Cars are divided into classes and you get multiple runs on the course in a day. Best time wins the class.

And when I'm not actually racing with the SCCA, I'm volunteering as the Secretary on the Glen Region's Board of Directors and recently also the Chairperson of our Club Racing Board (CRB). Or chairing Club Race events. Or driving the pace car. Or taking photos at races.

I also enjoy working on cars. Building computers. Watching movies. Playing video games. Going to car shows. Playing on the internet. Making fun of Facebook.

With all of the car love... what do I drive? Right now I roll in a 2011 Subaru WRX. It was purchased new in 2010 and is pretty much stock with the exception of some Rally Armor mud flaps, OEM short shifter, and Whiteline rear sway bar. I've kept it mostly stock to continue running in the Street classes in autocross.

Before the WRX was a silver Scion tC with quite a few mods including full suspension, very minor engine mods, and some interior. I won a couple little car show awards and had some autocross fun with it. Before that as nothing fun at all, including a Ford Ranger, Pontiac Bonneville, and my first car was a Dodge Omni.

What comes after the WRX is still up in the air. Ford's new Focus RS is interesting, to say the least. What would make the top of my list right now though, would be an updated STI with an FA motor and a god DAMNED HATCHBACK! Still don't know what Subaru was thinking going sedan only...