Back in December we switched internet providers to ditch Time Warner Cable. We ended up switching to Empire Accessd and got some badass fiber service for about the price we were paying TWC for crappy speeds. That day was December 11th... and it was a happy day. Fast forward to today when I received my final "bill" that was supposed to be a "credit" from TWC. There was no credit. Only another bill.

On the phone I go.

After speaking with the TWC lady (who was very nice about the whole thing, at least, and didn't try to get me to sign back up even), it turns out that even though my account noted that I canceled on the 11th, the billing was never stopped when I called. In fact, it didn't stop until almost 2 weeks later on the 23rd! I suspect this is the day that a tech finally made it out to my house to physically disconnect/turn off my service at the pole or at the house.

And that is bullshit.

I canceled on the 11th because I stopped using it on the 11th. On what planet does that mean it's OK to continue billing me? These things, Time Warner Cable, are why you are rated one of the most hated companies in America. This shit happens ALL of the time.

The final "bill" I received today was for service dates of 12/16 to 1/15. They credited me the days from 12/23 to 1/15 and said I still owe'd $9 and some change. In addition to the 5 days from the previous billing period that I should have been credited.

Thanks to the nice lady on the phone today, the recent bill should be wiped out and I should be credited back the 5 days in December from the previous billing period (12/11 to 12/15). So we'll see what happens in a couple weeks when I actually receive that in the mail. According to her I should be receiving a little over $9 in credit.

And THAT, finally, should be my last dealings with Time Warner Cable for as long as I can manage.

By the way... my 100 mbit fiber service from Empire Access is fantastic...