If I didn't have a kind friend that offered two free tickets to this year's Sahlen's 6 Hours at the Glen, I wouldn't have gone. And aside from getting to see the Lamborghini Super Trofeo series, I would have been OK with that.

The 6 Hrs is always a great event, really. But with the change to the new combined series, ticket prices skyrocketed. I've already discussed this at length. It's not even really my only issue with this event though...

Let's look at the classes: P, PC, GTLM, GTD. Surprisingly I think they've done a fairly good job at integrating to two main Prototype classes. It's a shame that P1 was dropped and only the P2 cars remain from ALMS, but I guess it's OK. PC is... well... it's there. The GT classes are really the biggest thing.

It feel like they just said "screw it" and kept both GT classes (dropped GTC though) and figured that would be good enough. It's not a big deal I guess, but I feel like it's confusing. You see practically the same cars in both classes that seem to have a performance difference for no reason other than having different classes.

If they found a way to combine the Prototype classes, surely they can make the GT classes work, right? Obviously there's more to it than that. But I think as it is right now, the United SportsCar Series will still need a little work. They probably know that. It's really only a year old anyway.

Here's to hoping that next year will be different (and cheaper!). And in then end, it's still some great racing.

Make sure you check out the full gallery from the 6 Hour race.

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