Since I started shooting my photos in RAW, I had been using Apple's Aperture to process them. It worked well enough for most editing, but one thing that bothered me was that there was no easy way to correct the lens barrel distortion of the 16-50mm lens I have (really, the 50-210mm does it too, but no where near as much).

You need a special plugin for Aperture and it's a separate process with what I feel is an unneccessarily difficult batch processing... process. And the particular plugin I was using resaved the photos as TIFF files for whatever reason.

I realize this isn't really relevant to the Vintage Festival or anything, but I'm getting to a point, trust me. Anyway, at work I use Adobe Lightroom to process RAW photos. And in doing this I realized it has a much better way to correct the lens distortion - a checkbox! BUILT-IN!

What happened along the way of shooting my own photos though, was that even though I knew it was a PITA to process the photos shot with the 16-50mm lens, I kept using it. And the photos just sat there, unseen. I'd just get frustrated at the thought of attempting to process them in Aperture... so I wouldn't bother.

The sad part, I think, is that no one got to see some of the awesome shots I had (like this one), which I feel is likely one of my best photos of all of last year.

So long story shorter... I use Lightroom at home now too! And now I have a whole new gallery from last year that I never shared anything from because I forgot about it!

If you want to see the rest of that gallery (you should), you can check that out right here!

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