Subaru people are an interesting bunch. Admittedly, I'm less than a fan of the stereotypical Subaru driver. I don't really give two craps about what Ken Block/Travis Pastrana/whoever does (regardless of entertaining videos created), I don't drink Monster Energy, and I think the concept of a flat-brimmed hat is retarded.

But there's something about the rumble from the unequal length headers on a flat four that perks me up a bit.

Wicked Big Meet seems to thankfully have quite a variety. Both in cars and people. There are plenty of trite stereotypes wandering around. Also plenty more of them parked on the Stafford Motor Speedway grounds! But in reality everyone is really there for the same purpose... FREE STUFF! OK, well, that and maybe to buy some stuff or look at some stuff... and just generally be car people hanging out with other car people for the day.

Honestly, I didn't know what to expect for WBM... I didn't have any idea how things were setup or what would even be happening. And I don't think it was really at all how I thought it might be.

I guess I thought maybe it would just be a big open thing where people and their cars would be intermixed with the vendors and everyone kind of everywhere doing things. It really wasn't like that at all. I mean, sure, there were people who ventured out to all of the attendee cars and I'm sure saw as much as they could see... but really everything was inside the fenced paddock area of the speedway.

Once you got in, the big vendors and their cars lined a main midway area that stretched the length of the paddock. That all leads to the food! But then there were even more vendors out back. Inside the speedway (on the track) was the autocross event (which after seeing them setup a 4 cone slalom RIGHT NEXT TO a row of jersey barriers, I was glad I did not sign up for).

Most of the day then was spent wandering this midway. Checking out parts offered for sale. Looking at the vendor cars. And trying to find water. There wasn't really a shortage or anything, but it was HOT. It was about 85 deg and sunny ALL DAY. Hydration was key... but it was exhausting. Thankfully a second night at the hotel and some beers made up for that though.

Would I do it again? Ya, probably. Though there's talk of possibly Ocean City next year... so who knows!

If you want to see some more photos from Wicked Big Meet, check out the full gallery over here.

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