It actually feels like I've been a few more times than I have, but this year was only my third time attending STPR - aka, the Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally. The first year was a real learning experience - VIP was cool (but dirty), driving to the Saturday stages was crazy, and the Special Stages at the fairgrounds reminded me of a county fair.

The second year (2013) was really similar to the first but I tried to throw in one more stage on Saturday morning. This only seemed to reinforce how difficult it really was to travel between stages in the middle of the day. You seriously need to plan well ahead.

The one thing about the first two years though was that aside from the early one Saturday morning, I went to the same stages (9 & 12) both times. While these were cool to see, I really needed something different this year. So I did the VIP thing again - even though it went up $10 to $60. That was still fun, but I'm not so sure about next year.

In previous years there was only one way to see any stages on Friday - VIP. This year they added a new spectator area (for $5) with - what looks to me like - an even better jump than the VIP area gets. Next year, I think $5 will sound a lot better than $60.

Another fun thing this year was trying to actually shoot some photos at night at the final stage at the fairgrounds. I probably don't have a lot of variety in my photos - but I do like to try new things. I was actually fairly pleased with the results for what I was working with (not a great lens, no flash, dust, etc).

I will definitely be attending next year too. And if anyone is interested in joining me, I'm all for it. Who doesn't like to spend a few hours sitting in the woods waiting for a few cars to drive by really fast?

Make sure you check out the full gallery (of 250+ photos) and see all of the awesome cars. You'll find everything from the usual Subarus and a couple Evos to a Ford Ranger, a Porsche 944, and even a Ford Aspire. Lots of variety.


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