Not long ago I was complaining of the lack of Android support for some fitness bands out there... well, really there are more things missing Android support than just fitness products, but whatever.

Earlier this week Jawbone finally announced that their Android app now officially supported wireless syncing the new UP24 band. This, combined with a few other things, reminded me that I need to upgrade my old Fitbit Ultra. I recently got a new laptop (and will thus be moving away from my iMac) and this means that I won't really have a permanent home anymore for the Fitbit dock that my Ultra charges on and syncs to. And I also just had a short vacation where I was reminded that none of my Ultra data syncs unless I have my dock - and it's not worth taking with me unless I might need a charge. That's really just more of an annoyance, of course... a "first world" problem in some ways.

These things, along with some Amazon gift cards, led me to order up a new Jawbone UP24 the day that Android support was announced. I figured the chances of Nike updating their FuelBand SE for Android support were pretty slim - so I just went for it.

Plus, the way I look at it, it gives my previous whining a bit of credibility in that - why bitch about something not being supported if you weren't going to buy it anyway? If Nike had come out with an update first, would I have bought the FuelBand? I can't answer that because I don't know. The UP24 is just something that appeals to me more than a Fitbit Flex (or the recalled Force) at the moment - and those were really two of the biggest options right now.

So there you go, Jawbone. If you build it, they will come. At least I will anyway...

BTW, the UP24 is currently on sale for $150 on Amazon and many other places. I got mine in black.

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