I thought I'd throw together a collection of some of my favorite photos from 2013 events. Not surprisingly, it's all racing. Well, really, I guess I don't photograph more than that anyway...

I only shot this one autox event in 2013... and in this one shot of Kyle, I can hear him in my head going "GRRR!"

I rarely have a chance to photograph the karts running... but at this particular event, I even got a few shots of Pat!

It's too bad Nick wasn't able to join us as much last season, he and his Nissan are fun to watch.

Damn this watermark... I have a thing for 510s - if you didn't know that. And while this particular one is fairly regular at WGI events, this shot was from the US Vintage Grand Prix.

I don't even recall seeing any other Formula Mazda at any of our events, but this one has been to quite a few. I think it has a really cool look to it, proportionally.

They may make an atrocious noise - but Formula 500 cars (and now 600!) are quite fun to watch.

2013 was my 2nd year being able to go to STPR. It will not be my last. Even though this Subaru is not World Rally Blue w/ gold wheels, I love the color combination.

This was pre-jump on Stage 3. Nice shot of Ken Block with full suspension compression.

And then there's Ken Block spraying the entire crowd with dirt and rocks. I could not believe how cool this shot turned out.

The event that in the past prevented me from going to STPR, the Sahlen's 6 Hours, is always a great time. I'm not so sure yet about this year's event, but we'll see. Rum Bum managed a 2nd place in the Continental Tire race.

It was not the greatest finish for Wayne Taylor Racing... they ended up 10th in DP in the 6 hour race. But their car did look badass last year.

I would have a hard time saying anything about sports car racing and not include a Ferrari. And the colors on this one are pretty awesome (really dig the gold wheels).

This shot of the Turner Motorsport BMW is and has been my wallpaper on my home computer since that weekend. It just works for me.

I found this nice spot between turn 5 and 6 on the long course where I can get a nice, straight shot of some of the cars heading down the hill. This one of the Rum Bum Porsche is one of my favorites.

If I couldn't have a Datsun 510, I'd probably want a BMW 2002.

Nothing amazing about this shot other than I love how it illustrates the climb up the hill entering the esses between 2 and 3.

It may not look like much, but these two cars (an F5 and F6) put on one of the best shows I've seen in SCCA racing.

I don't know a whole lot about them, but Formula Vees have quite a history in racing... and I believe this is an older car with likely quite a bit of history. I thought it was far cooler looking than most Vees you see out there.

It took me almost all weekend to realize this was a TVR.

You don't get to see many Lotus 69s around these parts. Except at the US Vintage Grand Prix.

Speaking of things you don't see very often... how about a pre-war Alfa Romeo being driven at speed on a race track. This is a VERY expensive car.

Moving into some more modern hardware... there was something about this super, ridiculous, couldn't-be-more red Porsche that I really liked.

And then there was this Porsche. Again with the gold wheels.

I have learned that the US VGP is the place to see things you will never really see anywhere else. Like this Shelby Daytona Coupe. Sexy.

Did I mention I have a thing for the 510?

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