Apparently there's an "ad" floating around saying that iOS7 makes your iPhone waterproof.

Yes, read that again.

It's a fake "ad" that somehow is circulating via Facebook or Twitter or I don't know what, that tells people it is a new feature. And it would seem that people are believing it and testing it out and then bitching about it on the internet.

I'm really struggling to believe this is true. I have no doubt there is an image meant to look like an Apple advertisement that people are sharing - but I'm struggling to believe that people are taking it seriously. I mean, really, I'm one of the first people to tell you that people on this planet can be incredibly stupid - but this? THIS stupid? That's a tough pill to swallow.

I'm more inclined to believe some of the people whining about this on Twitter/FB are actually just attention whores who saw the amusing "ad" and thought it would be funny to act like they believed it - and then people took THEM seriously.

And all these stories of people dunking their iOS7 devices and wondering why they don't actually work are fantastic illustrations of Poe's Law. At least, I think so. I want to believe the entire concept is so stupid that it can't possibly be true. But I may be able to accept that there are people that are dumb enough to believe it... which makes me really question reality.

So I say again, in the words of the great Alex Trebek of Celebrity Jeopardy, the show has reached a new low.

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