One of the things that has bothered us about the house is the front yard. Well, there really isn't too much yard, but it's more about the gardens and sidewalk areas. So we've been slowly doing something about that.


When we moved in the side pavers were going to the small driveway on the side of the house (not to the garage). This was a problem. This photo was as I was "in process" of moving them to the other side (you can see the far ones are just sitting on top of the grass as I was laying them out).


As I was digging out the space to move the pavers to, I was trying to save the sod to move it over to the old spot but didn't quite make it all the way. Also notice the gardens. Both full of dead plants and fading woodchips - not to mention the different sizes.


Eventually it looked OK - even without all of the grass growing back yet. The next part was the gardens.


The little scalloped thing are just little 2 ft sections, so we removed one "section" coming out from the house and pushed it all back. Not only was the size now better but everything was straight and level(ish).


The last step was to dig out about a dozen little cartfuls of "dirt" (mostly rocks with some dirt mixed in) and level out the garden. Then came the landscape fabric followed by 7 bags of shredded, recycled rubber mulch. We went with this instead of the colored woodchips to get a longer lasting color and less chance of weeds growing into the decomposing wood mulch.

We have some more grass to seed of course, but we'll also be extending the smaller garden on the other side of the steps (in photos above). We'll just use the sections of scallops that we pulled from the other one to even out both sides and then clean it out and rubber mulch that side too.

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