Actual racing is one of those things on my list. Actually, it's at the top of my list. I don't even know what I want to do for the rest of my life with regards to a career, but I'm really hoping it involves racing. This past weekend was another "if I can't be racing myself, I might as well be at the track."


Living 5 minutes from Watkins Glen International and being an SCCA member both have their perks. Specifically speaking this past weekend was the Glen Region's May Madness club racing event. A follow-up to our similar event last year. A double regional, running the long course on Saturday and the short course on Sunday.


I like to go up to just be around the atmosphere of racing. And there isn't a much better way to experience it than at an SCCA event. You have access to EVERYTHING. And as a member, I get in for free, all weekend. Sadly our event didn't have as great a turnout as we were hoping. And I think it's fair to say that it is questionable if we even keep the dates for next year.


But that doesn't mean there wasn't fun to be had for this event. It was 2 days of constant racing all day, each day. Six race groups of anything from Formula V (FV) to Spec Racer Fords (SRF - pictured above) and every kind of actual cars from Miatas to even a BRZ that turned up.


I even got to do another stint as the Safety Car passenger/radio guy on Saturday afternoon. That means I get to ride around in the pace/safety car, start the races and respond to track incidents to lead the field around (just like you see the pace car on TV). It's pretty cool (if you were at our Last Chance event last October, my car was the actual pace car for the event!).


How can you get in on this fun? First, head over to the SCCA website and look into signing up. Yes there are dues. But it will open you up to a whole new world if you've never had the chance. And if it really isn't your thing, that's OK too. You can still live vicariously through my photos, which let me live vicariously through the people and cars that I photograph.

Don't forget to check out my full May Madness gallery from this year (over 150 photos).

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