Another nice thing about having a house where we do is there is no shortage of creatures around. Geese and ducks are a daily thing. So is the stupid groundhog that keeps digging under my garage.


There are probably 6 or 7 adult geese around us that are regular visitors. They haven't really been a problem for us actually (though they're known to basically shit everywhere).


Now though, there are a few others around. One of the pairs had some babies.


Looks like there are 6 of them. This photo was them scrambling to get back down to the water because I was too close. I was actually still a few hundred feet away here... but if I were them I probably wouldn't trust me either.


We also had put up a bird feeder on our front porch a while back. We get a lot of these little guys that like to throw all of the seed out of the feeder to get what they want. Our porch is a mess.


Most interesting though, is definitely this guy. He first appeared by the road yesterday and made his way to the creek.


His shell is at least a foot long from head to tail. And by the look of it, his tail is another 9-10". He doesn't seem very happy though.


Perhaps he just needs some ooze so he can become a ninja. Isn't that what all turtles dream of? Being ninjas?


Those claws are for real though... they're easily an inch long each. I'm actually surprised his head was this far out. I'm standing about 2-3 feet away from him here.


Ya, definitely not happy. He and I played a little game for probably a half an hour where I saw in the grass about 30 feet away waiting for him to keep walking and he just sat there like a little asshole.

He won this round. But it's not over, turtle. I'll find you again and will have my revenge!

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