This is the time of year where you can usually expect me to randomly remember that I do have a website that does seemingly crave content. And usually I'd be here with the typical rhetoric of how I'm going to make a better effort to post more regular updates and blah blah blah.

That's not really what this post is for.

What I'm really here for is to say that there WILL be posts - but of no regular interval or timing. They will be when I have things to post. And in this case I'm more specifcally referring to upcoming events that I will likely have photos for. The most immediate of which is the debut of the ChumpCar series at Watkins Glen International.

Surely this will be one of the more interesting events of this season. Not only is it the first time ChumpCar has been to WGI, it is also the first time I can think of that WGI has hosted an event BEFORE opening weekend (which is next weekend, 4/21-4/21). So that in itself is pretty strange. But it is going to be a 3 day (mostly 2 day) event with 5 hours of testing on Friday and then a 15 hour race split evenly over Saturday and Sunday.

I plan on getting in to wander around and see what's up and to take as many photos as I can for at least a few hours each day. These photos will absolutely be posted somewhere, here on this website when I get around to it.

As for most posts for the rest of the year - who knows what it will bring. There is a full autox season coming up. Plenty more WGI events. And did you know we bought a house? I'm sure I could rustle up some interesting stories about that too. Just have to wait and see.

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