That may be the longest title I've used in a long time. But it is exactly what I'm thinking right now.

Of all things we've been concerned with in buying a house and moving and changing everything over - changing the address of our car insurance was far from the top of our list. Apparently it should have been.

I just started to process the new address change online with Progressive and got most of the way through. I got to the part where it shows you a summary of the changes and what the premium difference is. I expected some change... maybe $20-$30 (for 6 months) one way or another. I did NOT expect it to go up over $100 for 6 months.

The quote showed a change of $108 for the duration of the existing policy (4 months worth). Even more scary is that this change also included our Homeowner's Discount that was applied since we're going from renting to owning. The premium difference WITHOUT that discount? $184 more for the next 4 months.

That $108 difference put our 6 month premium, for 2 cars and 2 drivers in Montour Falls at about $900. That's $1800 a year (up from $1500-something right now). For changing zip codes.

At this point I called... because this is just absurd. I was told that the difference is just based on the new zip code. Now if I can just find someone to explain to me what the hell is so different about Montour Falls from Painted Post to justify that kind of change. The lady on the phone definitely couldn't.

I also found out that there are only TWO discounts that we don't have with Progressive. The first is a defensive driving course (which I think she said would be about a $30 decrease). The second is to have a second policy with them... which oddly enough I tried to do when we bought the house but they won't insure it because of the year it was built (yes, that is literally the reason).

So I guess it is time to shop around for some other insurance or consider lowering some of our coverage (which I'd really rather not do if I can help it). Until then, Progressive should start looking for that rusty spoon.

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