And by TV, I mean every cable and satalite company in existence.

I was thinking I might drop our cable when we move and save the $100 per month we pay right now. Instead resorting to the likes of Amazon Prime (which I already pay for at $80/yr for free 2 day shipping on anything) and possibly Hulu Plus and various other streaming options. Ultimately the goal would be to pay less than $20 per month and still be able to see the important things (racing, Penn State football, and a few other regular options).

There are various problems with this. Let's start with the football. My first thought was to use the ESPN for XBox Live application. It would mean I'd have to pay $50 per year for XBL, but that's like $4/mo and I'd also then be able to access other services on the Xbox like Hulu Plus or whatever if I paid for them. The ESPN page just says that your internet provider needs to support ESPN3 - which TWC does. But apparently even though they offer ESPN3, Time Warner does NOT support ESPN via XBL. Because they're greedy dicks. I only say that because there can't possibly be any other reason not to do that other than they want more money.

Anyway, someone suggested DirecTV. OK, that's an option. But I have a problem with it from the start... I don't want to sign a 2 year contract for fucking TV service. It's bad enough I do that to get a good price on a smartphone - I'm not going to do that with my TV. And nevermind the fact that 2 years down the road you get a huge bill dumped on your when the price goes back up and you completely forgot about it.

Add to this the fact that I can't just buy the lower package and get a few other channels I want, I have to go up to the middle package and end up getting a whole bunch of other crap to get what I want (ESPN, Big Ten Network, SPEED, DIY, etc). And now they're also offering NFL Sunday Ticket as a standard package for all of DirecTV. DO NOT WANT. Not only do I not want it, I do not want to pay for it. And if it's now a "free" thing they're throwing in, I assure you some of my money would be going towards paying for it.

I also do not want 3 free months of all of the premium movie channels. I don't care if they're free. I don't want them on my service for the sole purpose of getting me to pay for them after the 3 months is up.

Let's take a look at some of the awesome channels I'd get in my package: BabyFirstTV, BET, BYUtv (jesus channel), Centric (BET competitor), Christian Television Network, Church Channel, Daystar (more jesus channel), Disney East, Disney West, Disney Jr, Disney XD, Enlace Christian Television, EWTN (some sort of Pope channel), Free Speech TV, Galavision (spanish), GEM Network (more jesus), GOD TV (*facepalm*), Golden Eagle Broadcasting ("family safe network"), Gospel Music Channel, Great American Country, Game Show Network, HITN (spanish), Hope Channel (more jesus), HUB (more kids/family), INSP (more jesus), Jewelry Television, Jewish TV Network, LOGO, MLB Network, NBA TV, NFL Network, Nick Jr, Nickelodeon East, Nickelodeon West, NickToons, NRB (more jesus), ONCE Mexico (spanish), RFD TV ("rural america"), SOAPNet, ALL SHOPPING CHANNELS, 77 music channels (SEVENTY SEVEN!), TCT Network (more jesus), TeenNick, The Word Network (jesus), Trinity Broadcasting (jesus), TV1 (more BET competition), TVG (horseracing), Univision (spanish), Univision East (spanish), V-Me (spanish), World Harvest TV (jesus).

So that's over 125 channels that would NEVER be selected in our house. Ever. Including at least 15-20 religous channels and an absurd number of music channels.

I'm not saying these channels should exist or be available. I'm just saying that if there is no way that I am ever going to watch them, I should not have to pay for other people to watch them. THIS is what is completely broken in our media world these days. The networks and studios and producers have so much control that there is no way around any of this other than to cut the cord and lose the programming that you actually want to see.

Make TV a la carte. Let me pick and choose. Or at least let me choose which groups of stuff to pay for. For example - have a religious bundle and let me choose to not purchase that. Have a Spanish bundle and let me not choose that. But don't shove all of them on my plate just because you can and make me pay for them. That's just another way to screw your customers.