Turns out the Atrix HD has an absolutely horrendous battery. Do. Not. Buy.

After just 2 days with her Atrix, Jen decided to ditch it for something else. Her battery would be dead around lunch or just after with minimal use on the phone. The battery stats would show the display as the main culprit - despite barely touching it.

We went through a lot of the usual battery saving things, brightness, sync intervals, refresh rates, widgets, etc on Tuesday. Still crap. And we could have squeaked out a few more % by turning off GPS and Sync completely - but if you have to do that just to get through HALF of the day, why bother with the phone?

So last night was a trip back to Best Buy... which taught us something. Never. Ever. Ever buy a phone from Best Buy.

The first probably was more or less limited to our Best Buy (or any smaller store) where there is only ONE person working the Mobile center (and not even a space for a 2nd one, there's only 1 terminal). So we had to wait about a half hour just to do ANYTHING with it because the girl was helping someone else. Aside from the actual time waited, the worst part was there was no seating area, no chairs, nothing. So we just had to stand there for 30 minutes and wait. We couldn't wander off and look around because there were other people hovering around too, waiting to get their turn. And if we would have not been there, we would have been passed over and had to wait longer.

Anyway... the idea was simple. Return the Atrix and get a new device still on contract price. Well the return part went fine. Then Jen picked out the Galaxy S III in white. This is the part where the BB rep calls AT&T and asks that the upgrade (from 2 days ago) be reversed so that she can enter a new one. Makes some sense, I thought. Nope. Can't do it. Even the rep is surprised - she says they normally just do it right away. This time was going to be 24 hours. Er, what?

I tried calling the actual AT&T store to see if they could do anything faster (since our actual return was completed) and they said no. The system Best Buy uses is so different from their own that they can't even do anything to reverse the account without Best Buy doing it.

So after waiting another 15 minutes for a manger to come over (during which time the Mobile rep started helping someone else) - they voided out the Atrix return so that they could do anexchangeof the devices instead of a return and a purchse. After the return was voided the rep finally started helping us again. Well then somehow she rebooted her whole terminal. Which was another 20 minutes. Thankfully she could actually process the Samsung purchase after that - but then the credit card terminal was not working. Another call to the manager, another 10 minutes - still not working. We ended up having to go over to the customer service desk so that we could actually pay for the phone.

All said and done, TWO HOURS we were in that store. Just to return a phone and buy a new one. Never. Again.

In the end, Jen has her new phone (again) and we're done with Best Buy.