So, there have been "issues" with Google getting the Nexus 7 into the hands of those who preordered through Google Play. Well, people THINK there have been anyway.

Here's what happened if you ask the people who are pissed off:

Google claimed 2-3 weeks to ship the Nexus 7. Before anyone had any more info than that, GameStop started selling their preorders for the device on Friday, 7/13. Immediately, those that preordered through the Play store were up in arms. "Why do GS people get theirs first?! This is why I preordered!" Blah blah blah. Only after the GS thing and people flooding the Nexus support line with order status calls did Google release the floodgates of tracking info and more detail. Some GS locations still said they weren't allowed to sell them as they did not get the go-ahead from Google to begin sales. Some said they had the OK. Some other stores (Office Depot?) would not sell them either. Sams Club sounded like they did. It was a mixed bag.

From this perspective it seems like Google screwed up. It appears that they didn't have their ducks in a row and dropped the ball on getting their orders out the door. Big time. Of course, the pre-order never said you'd have it on "X" day... but most people assumed they would have it before any of the major retailers started selling them (though to be fair, the only people getting them at GameStop at first were those that put in their own preorders - so they weren't necessarily direct retail orders).

In any case... the people who preordered through Google Play felt wronged in some way. Some going as far as canceling their GP orders and heading the GameStop to pick one up and one person who claimed to have canceled his debit card so that Google could not charge his account upon shipment - and therefore not having to refuse/return the GP preorder. People were (still are) upset.

Here's what I THINK happened...

The end of the initial 2-3 week shipping window will be this coming Wednesday, 7/18. I think that all along, Google intended on shipping the Nexus 7 preorders TODAY... Monday, so that they would be delivered either Tuesday or by Wednesday at the latest (2nd day shipping). With Wednesday marking the official "release date" for the Nexus 7.

Then GameStop did what GameStop does - be douchey. If you search a bit, you'll find plenty of other stories of GS breaking the release dates of various things from games to other hardware. No idea why. Either some stores don't get a clear message or they just don't care. Who knows. In this case, I think they decided to do it again. And that caught Google off guard and threw everyone else into a hissy fit.

Now some people will claim that this past Friday, 7/13, when all of this went down is the actual release date since GS started selling them. I don't think so. I think Google was caught off guard here and eventually just said "Fuck it" and let GS (and the other stores) start selling as normal. It was basically too late to do anything about it.

And then, in a late effort to appease some of its Play Store customers, they sent out shipping notices late Friday afternoon/evening for many of the preorders. Of course the devices (mine included) wouldn't actually ship until Monday (today) but at least they got some more info out there to the customers. It's not much, but given the GameStop surprise, it's a nice gesture.

So in the end, the Google Play preorders will arrive at the same time they had initially planned, just before the 2-3 week window closed. And they would have done so without incident if GameStop hadn't been jerks. And no one would have said a thing. Then the additional retail outlets would have started sales on Wednesday this week and everyone would have been happy.

I don't know how much of what I just said is true... and I make a lot of assumptions here. But so do a lot of the people that are really upset with Google over this whole thing. And we may not ever really know which version is correct despite what some people will insist Google has said so far. But the fact is that I'll be happy to get my Nexus 7 in the time frame originally stated and no be a whiny baby about it. Could Google have communicated a bit more of what was happening to their customers? Of course. But they didn't. Get over it.

As for preorders, there are a lot of people who say that a preorder means you'll get it before anyone else. I disagree. I don't preorder to get something before someone else. I preorder to reserve an item with potentially high demand and low supply. I just want to know I'm getting one and I don't have to wait 3 weeks for the 2nd shipment to arrive to get it. Unless otherwise stated in the preorder process, you'll get your item as soon as it is available - but you WILL get one. Just wanted to throw that in there.

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