(apologies, this is kind of long - as I was starting to write it, the "conversation" continued)

It's no secret that I don't like spam or stupid mailing lists - email or otherwise. Today is no different. For probably the 3rd time this year I received one of the stupid car advertisements (addressed to "resident") with a fake key attached explaining how I could "win a new car" and blah blah blah sale this and discount that. Typically these end up immediately in the trash - but since I hate receiving this generic mailing crap, I will take the few minutes to look up the company and ask to be removed.

This is what I did today. The company is Walters Elkland Chevrolet. I don't know if the other stupid "win a car" mailers have come from them (really don't care) but today I decided to ask them to remove my address from their list. Of course I'm not going to be super-nice about it - I'm annoyed they feel the need to send this crap in the first place. So here's what I sent them...

Please remove my address from your spam mailings or "advertisements." My address is included with this message - you'll find the name under "Resident." Oh, and just as some random feedback for you - these kind of stupid mailings with a fake key attached that clutter up my mailbox make me not want to do business with you. Ever.

I think my point was made directly without being too much of an ass (but maybe a little bit). Attitude? Sure. But I don't think I should have to receive their crap to begin with. It only took about a half hour, but here's the response I got back:

Resident or Mr Kintz

Please remove our email address from your system so you don't send us any more of these stupid emails cluttering up our email box.

Oh, and just for some random feedback, you seem far to angry over a 'stupid' piece of mail, so thanks for volunteering not to do business with us......ever.

Wow. You know, at first I kind of chuckled. But, while slightly clever at first glance, this is probably the least professional message I've ever received from any business. I kind of expected a half-hearted apology and a "we'll see what we can do to accomodate your request" kind of thing. Not someone being even more of an ass than I was.

After I woke myself from the shock of a professional company sending that kind of message, I did send back a short, simple response trying to remind them how dumb of a message that is for any "professional" business to send. Here's what that said:

Wow. Regardless of my message or "anger" … that kind of response speaks volumes as to your business attitude. Very professional! Good luck with that.

Nothing fancy but point made. Or so I thought. Then I got this.

Looks stupid doesn't it?  I felt the same way when I read yours.

Don't dish it out if you can't take it back.

I'm sorry, but when do businesses (which exist to make money from customers and potential customers) ever "dish it out" or "give it back" to irate customers? It'd be like someone going into their service department complaining that something wasn't fixed properly and the service guy calling the customer an idiot to their face.

Seeing that they obviously didn't get the point I was making, I took a step back and sent the following - which I actually do think is how any real company should have handled the situation.

Still, wow. Let me just share what I think someone in your position COULD have said in response to my message… and then I'll be done.


Dear Allan,

Thank you for your message. I'm sorry to hear that you're so frustrated with our advertisements (and yes, they are real advertisements that do work). While I can't guarantee that I'll be able to remove your address from our automated mailings, I will do my best to see that we can accommodate this request.

In the future, please feel free to recycle or dispose of our mailings as you see fit. Again, accept our apologies for the unsolicited mail.

Thank you,

Walters, blah blah blah


Please tell me you at least see the difference between what I wrote, and what you wrote? Again, keep in mind that you're representing a supposedly professional business (I say "supposedly" here because you are really not giving the impression of being such). Legitimate businesses do not "give it back" or "dish it out" to prospective or non-prospective customers.

Truthfully cannot believe receiving that kind of a response from a real business. You'll hear no more from me.

I don't expect someone to kiss my ass after I was being a jerk - but I don't expect them to be a jerk right back. We're not in elementary school here... are we?

I did get another response back. And I'm hoping that they do actually recognize the difference and are not just spouting off something to get me to shut up - but it seems legitimate. Here's what I got:

Thats actually pretty good.  I will print out and give to the guys.  It's tough not being a wise ass when you get emails like yours, but yes your answer is better.  Saves on the back and forth 😉

So can I still say not to shop with these guys? Ya, kind of. I still would not recommend them. This exchange should have never happened at all. If they actually realized their mistake, great. I'm happy that I was able to get them to see the light (even if I was an ass about it) but I still question their customer service abilities.

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