If we were to ever upgrade a customer's computer and impact their service in any way and NOT notify them of it, we be dragged into the street and beaten. Apparently it is OK for Time Warner Cable to do whatever they want, whenever they want.

Specifically I'm talking about their cable service. For the 2nd time in just a few weeks our cable box was stuck in some reboot activity this morning. Right around 7am. Last time it happened I disconnected the boox and took it to the TWC office on lunch. I was then told there was a problem that morning and everything should be OK now. What I suspect now was that they were updating some thing on the box and it either got stuck or wasn't done yet.

Do they think people aren't up that early watching TV? Would some communication that service may be interrupted by that impossible? Apparently so.

Anyway, just today it did the same thing. Appeared to be stuck in the same frozen spot when we got up in the morning. Figuring it's just something else screwed up, I unplugged it and plugged it back in to reboot it. Then I left for the morning just hoping it would fix itself by the time I got home.

Went home for lunch and it turns out the software or at least the visual interface of the cable box was updated. Obviously this must be the cause of the issue this morning.

I have 2 problems with this.

First... if someone is going to do something to disrupt the service I pay for - I'd like to know about it ahead of time. Do we absolutely need to watch TV at 7am? Of course not. But I should be able to if I want to. There has to be some way to notify customers of outages and upgrades like this that are (more than likely) scheduled far in advance. Even if it were an email saying something like "at some point between day x and day y we will be upgrading your device at *some random time*".

I'd be much happier to know ahead of time that something is going to be done - and to expect potential problems - than I am now that I was inconvenienced in some way with no prior notice. I'm sure the upgrade is awesome and required - but how about a heads-up?

Secondly, why first thing in the morning? Sadly I have no idea when this upgrade/outage/whatever actually started - but I suspect it wasn't too long before we caught it. Is this not something that could have been done overnight? I'm sure there is some way they could schedule the upgrade to take place at the most convenient time for the customer... like between 3am and 5am? Or something like that? We are not huge TV people in the morning - but I know there are many. I can't imagine the irritation this would cause them. I'm just complaining because it seems like something that could be handled much better.

Here's my beef: If you're going to upgrade my stuff... great. Just a) let me know about it ahead of time, if possible, and b) do it when I'm not using it. Even (b) is negotiable if you follow (a)! I'm much more likely to accept an upgrade/outage/whatever - even during busy times if it is communicated to me ahead of time.

I assure you I'll be much happier with an upgrade, regardless of the time it happens and time involved, if I'm made aware of it than I am now having been inconvenienced with no warning.

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