This month in particular is turning out rather awesome as well.

Last weekend of May was my first Club Racing SCCA event (as a specatator only, unfortunately). I had a ton of photos from that event. First weekend of June was STPR. How could that not be awesome? This past weekend was our 2nd autox event (and I was the event chair). That went well - decent turn out - great day - fun course.

Next weekend is 24 Hours of Le Mans... and while I can't be there in person (it's on my "list"), I'm certainly going to be catching as much of the TV coverage as I can! Along with catching Le Mans on TV, it's also the Watkins Glen Waterfront Festival - including the annual Cardboard Boat Regatta.

In case you missed this last year, I have some photos over here. It's usually a good day to veg on the in-laws' boat and enjoy the weather. Oh and drunk people paddling boats made of cardboard and duct tape around the marina. Can't forget that part... Of course I have to balance my cardboard boat festivities with my Le Mans viewing... but still.

The following weekend (we're up to 6/23-24 here) is autox event #3. Followed the next week by Grand-Am Rolex racing at Watkins Glen. Always a good time. I even have a vacation day that Friday to catch even more racing that weekend. And just another week after that is the Glen Region Bonus National club racing event at Watkins Glen. More than likely I'll end up volunteering on some level for that event. Just not sure doing what yet. Probably some volunteering, some photography.

And then we're on to the 14th and 15th of July - which brings us autox event #4. The weekend after that is the annual Glen Region July Sprints. Another SCCA club racing event that I'll either be helping at or photographing.

And I think... at the moment anyway, I don't have anything specific planned for 7/28 and 7/29. So that might be my first weekend "off" in the next couple months. Not that I'm really complaining - this is all stuff that I WANT to do.

I haven't even looked at August yet. 🙂

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