OK, one day off from whining about people with shitty server. How about some good stuff?

First is from Carbon Fiber Gear. I have ordered a couple things from them in the past, including my wedding band. This past week I decided to order up a money clip (carbon fiber, of course). I decided that I didn't want to be walking around Vegas with potentially hundreds of dollars in a wallet in my back pocket (money clip = front pocket, more security).

These things are not cheap - well, money clips can be, but not carbon fiber ones! The next day I read a post on their Facebook page thanking everyone for getting them to 10,000 likes - and to celebrate, offering a $10 off $40 or more coupon. Yes. The day after I order my money clip, they offer a coupon that I could have used with my order.

Of course I post the obligatory "omg, I just ordered yesterday... blah blah blah." Truth be told, I didn't care that much, that's just how the order of things happened. It was just amusingly coincidental. Well, I got another order update in my email a few hours later saying:

Saw your post on Facebook, we've gone ahead and issued a $10 refund back to your Visa. We truly appreciate the support and being a fan on Facebook, thank you!

And there it was! A $10 credit in my checking account. THAT is awesome service.

That's not even the end of my service experience.

Just today, Jen and I went to Five Guys for some burgers (OMG... awesome) as usual while we were shopping. Well, for one reason or another, the guy at the register must not have heard us order a regular fry with everything (and we didn't really pay attention to the receipt at the time). But when it was ready and the guy called our order, I heard him say "no fries" and kind of thought "um, wtf? we definitely got fries."

Sure enough, no fries on our receipt. I got back up to go to the register and just order/pay for some fries (they're that good) - but the guy in the back said not to worry about it and said he'd bring some out.

So we scored some free fries, unintentionally. And I really was willing to just order some, but it was cool of them to just give us an order and not worry about it. That's the kind of stuff that will get us to keep coming back. Well, that and delicious burgers and fries.