Given my experiences, I find it ironic that Time Warner Cable was the company using the "definition of insanity" in a commercial. Often I find myself on that same couch as the guy was, trying to figure out where I'm going wrong.

Every now and then I have to contact them for some sort of help. Every time I do I just try to clear my past experiences from my head and start fresh - just hoping that they'll surprise me. They don't.

Here's a brief summary of today's marvel...

My DVR likes to record things I didn't request. I've been through the scheduled recordings and other options to see what exactly is set and these things are not in there. For example, my DVR is set to record all NEW episodes of Gold Rush on Discovery. No other "gold" shows and no repeats.

Yet my DVR continues to record random repeats of Gold Rush in addition to this Bering Sea Gold crap which is on after Gold Rush. Believe me when I say there is no way this should be recording.

Anyway, I enter the chat and type my problem into the little box to open the window. The guy says hi and confirms that I have a problem with my DVR. He doesn't actually ask for any more information or anything - just proceeds to "refresh the signals" from his end. Which basically amounts to resetting my DVR remotely.

After we wait the ridiculous 15 minutes for it to reboot (what is this thing? a 486?) I tell him it's done... and then he asks if my problem is now resolved...

So take a minute to think about that. Reread the actual problem if you need to. Then try to figure out why I could do nothing more than shake my head and close the window.

Having some trouble with it? If my DVR is randomly recording extra things - how am I going to ever know if the problem is fixed 2 seconds after my DVR restarts? HOW?!

It's not even a complex problem to understand. I randomly check my DVR and find shows recorded that no one in this house requested. I'm no physicist, but I'm pretty sure it takes more than a minute or two to know if that kind of problem is resolved. This only tells me that the rep I was chatting with knew nothing of my problem and didn't care to understand it.

Fail, TWC, huge fail.

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  • Carlos molnar

    March 29, 2012 at 2:19 am

    You are not alone. my dvr does the exact same thing from time to time. lately it has been insisting on recording “deadliest catch” episodes. this is not a show I have any interest in and I have no intention of watching. I went through the series manager looking for anything that might be confusing it with a keyword or something to no avail. it did this several months ago with some shows on the Disney channel that again, nobody had set it to record. In addition, the shows have that little diamond icon next to them that supposedly indicate the show was recorded as part of a series and not a manual recording. Of course looking through the series manager shows nothing related. To make matters worse, this is the 4th dvr we’ve had, each with their own unique “quirks”. With each dvr we’ve logged calls to twc that ultimately end with the support people telling us the box is defective, take it to the store and swap it for a new one. Now on the 4th we’ve been told by twc that “we must be abusing the equipment to have this problem”. So there you have your answer: It’s all your fault.

  • Jane Dough

    May 3, 2012 at 4:32 pm

    Wow… I thought I was going nuts. I found SIX episodes of Hard Core Pawn recorded, I hate that show and would never record it. Today there’s more stuff I didn’t program to record. Calling them is useless, it’s always going to be my fault, as was the ten porn movies that mysteriously appeared on my bill. Told me I was lying when I said I didn’t order it, told another customer with the same complaint that her DOG was walking on the remote, thereby ordering porn.
    NO matter what, you lose. Brighthouse is always right.