I never thought Top Gear USA would be a good show. And even though everyone knows not to compare it to the UK original, it happens, whether you know it or not. And frankly I'm surprised the show has lasted this long... But it has, and it's still going. That's fine. Maybe after another season or two it'll be more bearable. Maybe not.

Tonight I got my first glimpse of what I had feared from the very beginning. The sponsors take over. (it may have happened sooner, but tonight was the most obvious example I can recall).

What specifically have they taken over? The show.

Huge advertisements for Ford throughout the breaks - normal Ford commercials and big "Top Gear is brought to you by Ford" thing. And what cars are they driving on the show tonight? Fords.

There's a "modern muscle car" challenge with the Dodge Challenger, Chevy Camaro, and Ford Mustang. By itself, I would think nothing of this. However, in another segment they raced two Ford Mustangs (the Roush Stage 3 and Boss 302) against a pair of horses (Pony Express style). So now the show brought to us by Ford features 3 different Ford Mustangs...

This is exactly what this show should NOT be - and what everyone said it would become in the US. I don't care if it is 100% coincidence, it shouldn't be happening. If I'm seeing the commercials and the featured cars and coming to this conclusion, it shouldn't air like that. If Ford wants to sponsor an episode or something, that's great - it just should NOT be an episode that features almost ALL Ford vehicles.

Fail Top Gear. Very, very fail.

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