The rebuilding began with new windows and some new drywall. FINALLY.

It was probably a month or two ago at this point, but we had some new drywall and new windows put into each of our bedrooms because of the mold and other problems. And after that was actually completed, we were able to start putting our bedroom back together again.

It started with a new dresser for me. In moving our furniture around we discovered that not only did our walls have a ton of mold, but it was on the bottom of my dresser too. Too much for us to want to cleanup and save. It was an old dresser that was going to be eventually replaced anyway. So we replaced it with one from Target. Not anything fancy, but at the time, it was the best we could find that was affordable and nice looking.

Then we added a wall mount for the TV from Monoprice. We only have a 32" LCD in there but being on the wall saves some dresser space and all that. Plus, it looks better.

New FurnitureA few weeks before xmas we decided to replace her dresser too. Except this time, we got the matching 6 drawer one to the dresser I had gotten weeks before. So we finally had some furniture in our bedroom that matched. So after going through xmas and getting some money as gifts, we decided to finally get the nightstands too.

So what you see to the right is our set, from Target - except they're actually a little darker than this picture would indicate. They're technically "espresso" colored. But we have one of each of the dressers and 2 of the night stands. Turned our pretty nice I think. And it's also nice to finally have a matching set of bedroom furniture - even if it is all just random Target stuff. It's not crap by any means, but it's not any fancy hardwood either.

We also added a bit of "art" to the walls. While at my aunt/uncle's for xmas yesterday, I walked down the spiral staircase to the lake and took some pictures (with my phone) at dusk and got a nice peek of the sunset on the other side of the lake. So I printed off 3 of the photos from that as 5x7s, bought 8x10 frames and put the three of them vertically on the wall. Came out kind of nice I think.

What could be next? Comforter. Ours is getting a bit shabby.

Here's one of my photos we used for the art on the wall...

Seneca Lake Sunset

Seneca Lake Sunset

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