How about 24 free iPad 2s?

I've been a fan of ZAGG for a while now. Their InvisibleShield is a fantastic screen protector and I've had it on my 3GS, 4, iPad, and now my Galaxy S2. I'm also on my 2nd set of SmartBuds headphones (first set developed a short while I was traveling).

In the social world ZAGG is probably best known for their crazy give-aways. An iPad per week. An iPad per day. And if I recall, there were even quite a few iPod Touches given away. That's a lot of Apple to be handing out to people. And in addition to those, they often also gave discount codes for their site (up to 40% or 50% off, if I recall). I used quite a few of those for my stuff and also gave quite a few away to friends and twitter followers.

They're back this year with even more shenanigans. And by shenanigans I mean that on Black Friday they're going to be giving away an iPad 2 every hour for the entire day. Yes, every hour. An iPad 2. For free.

Entry is easy: enter your email (trust me, it's cool, they don't spam you). Where?


So on Friday, 11/25, starting at midnight, head over to that site and start putting in your email each hour for a chance to win. That's it.

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