So... we're getting married.

You might have heard that part before. And if you've been paying attention to Jen and I elsewhere on the internets, you'd know it goes further than that.

Here's the very short version: we are taking a road trip to Las Vegas in the spring to get married.

How awesome does that sound? Pretty awesome I think. Here's the thing though - you can follow us through our planning, preparation and even the trip. We have quite a few resources setup for you to read into our deepest thoughts on the matter. Whatever your social desires, we have ways for you to check in on us:

So whenever we post to the website, it posts to Facebook and then Twitter automatically. We may post to Facebook randomly and that then automatically posts to Twitter. So if you're a Twitter person (or just don't want to check the Facebook page every day), you should be able to get EVERYTHING we do there... If not, you can just periodically check in on the website or Like the Facebook page for updates.

We've already got a few recent updates on the website, so head over there if you're curious and see what we're up to. We're totally open to comments and feedback, so feel free to chime in on Facebook or the website!

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