Before we begin... let's make sure you're up to speed. You'll want to read this. Go ahead... I'll wait.

Back? Awesome, let's go.

So after waiting over a week to get an appointment because they only have ONE certified Subaru technician (this makes me very nervous) I dropped my car off yesterday to finally get everything fixed (and by "everything" I mean fixing the wheel bearing, replacing the steering rack, fixing the rear seat latch rattle, and checking out a rattle in the passenger door). Thankfully Subaru's warranty program gave me a decent loaner - a new-ish Subaru Legacy. It was in absolutely terrible condition because apparently Simmons-Rockwell doesn't give a shit about their loaners... but whatever. It could have been worse.

I went about my day and by about 3:30pm, I was getting curious - so I called up to see what was going on. It was apparently just going on the alignment rack (something was being calibrated, so they couldn't do it sooner). Cool, should be done soon then. About an hour later the guy called and said it was done. I asked if everything was fixed and done completely... he couldn't answer me.

Not because he was mute - but because the technician that worked on it had already left for the day and apparently told no one what was actually done or if there were any issues or problems. But according to the service rep, it was "done." Fine. I just want to pick it up and be done. I'd worry about the paperwork later. But really, how does that even happen? How do the service reps NOT know what has been done to the car when they're returned? How does someone allow that technician to go home before someone is aware of what he did?

Anyway... I pick it up after work, drive home... and it seems fine. I was surprised actually. Then I got in to go to work this morning. Started it up and turned the wheel to back out and then came the screeching... for some reason it was making a horrible noise the more I turned the wheel to the right. Turning back to the left was OK and even turning to the right again was OK after I had already turned that way. But very obviously something was not correct. Figuring I'd just have to end up back there at some point anyway, I ignored it for the morning.

Later I left work to come home for lunch and something didn't feel right. It was kind of fighting me on the drive home. There wasn't any play in the wheel but something felt wrong. I decide to check the fluid when I got home. Figured hey, they replaced the whole steering rack, maybe the system is just bleeding out (FYI: you need to bleed a power steering system just like you do a brake system - any air in the lines is also a problem). I look at the fluid and it is about 3/4" BELOW the Minimum Cold line. Errr what? Yes, WAY below the minimum fluid level.

I have multiple issues with this... 1 being that if they're changing this stuff, do they not know the system needs to be bled? And 2, if they did bleed the system, how did no one think to refill the fluid reservoir? HOW?!

This was actually a bit infuriating to me. Instead of going back to work I took off for the dealer. This needs to be addressed NOW. Nevermind that on the way there I found that they never even fixed one of the other problems I asked about - a rattle in the passenger door - which to me sounded like just the door panel vibrating against something when the music was on. Nothing done with that what-so-ever.

I get back to S-R and get a chance to talk to one of the service reps... she wasn't there yesterday so I had to explain what was "done" yesterday and the problems I have now and all but insist that it is to be fixed immediately. I'm honestly trying to be polite at this point but it is getting pretty difficult. I'm pretty sure I've given these people more than enough chances and really shouldn't be bothering with them again - but there I was... like an abusive relationship.

So she gets me a loaner (actually started to get me just a random POS -non subaru- loaner - but I stopped her and explained that yesterday I was given a Subaru based on my warranty and would prefer that again). I go on my way and tell her that I was OK if they had to keep it overnight to fit it in and get it fixed the next day - I just wanted it completed and done right.

I get a call at about 4:30pm that it is better. They apparently found an 'air bubble' in the power steering line and topped up the fluid. I asked about the door panel and she said they didn't find anything with the door but she moved the visor around and a sound went away.

Let me explain one thing really quick: If I say there's a rattle in the door panel - whatever you think you found with the sun visor is NOT THE PROBLEM.

Moving on... I go on to explain that there's no way that's the issue and it is most certainly the door. Again I explain that it gets worse with music (which I'm sure that I explained before - though possibly to the FIRST service rep I talked to the day before - when it wasn't fixed or even looked at). She said they'd take it for a drive again and listen (no idea why they needed to drive it to hear it, it'll rattle sitting in the parking lot).

I wait a bit to pick it up and go after I get out of work and make a couple stops. They said they found the rattle... and that they ordered a speaker. A speaker! Now I'm all for giving people the benefit of the doubt... but I'm about 80% certain that it was NOT the speaker that is the issue. But again... I'll let them apply their fix and see what happens. I'm supposed to trust them as the "experts" ... right?

Oh... there was one other part they ordered along with the speaker; the trim cover to my rear seat latch - which they broke AGAIN! Yes, they broke this once before when they first replaced the seat latch and striker. And apparently they did it again. At this point my level of frustration is just astronomical. I've still been putting off calling Subaru about the whole thing because I want to be sure it is done and over with. Then I can call them, explain my grief and start using another dealer for service. I can't keep doing this to myself... or my car.

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