I Have a New Phone

I wouldn't say that I was "disappointed" with the iPhone 4S. Any rational thought would have said there was basically zero REAL evidence of the iPhone 5 being announced that day - as all of the tech blogs were eager to point out the morning of the announcement. You know... just days after they continued to run story after story of iPhone 5 rumors. Derp.

Anyway... the one thing to manage in these situations is your expectations. I didn't expect my dream phone to be announced. I expected them to update the iPhone 4. Now what I had HOPED for was completely different. I had HOPED they would give it a larger screen, maybe a little more power, and some OS tweaks that I'd like to see. I got 1 out of 3 (we already knew what iOS5 was going to bring anyway).

Apple iPhone 4S

I could have put an iPhone 4 photo here and you wouldn't know the difference.

So when they announced the 4S, I got what I expected but not what I hoped for. Leading up to that day I was debating what to do. Would I get a new iPhone? I certainly wanted to. Jen was waiting for an upgrade too. Her 3GS was getting quite... old. I wanted something more though. I didn't want to feel like I was just buying another iPhone 4 with a faster processor and a "better" camera.

Suddenly, a challenger appeared...

Now there are Apple fanboys and Android fanboys... and most of them are annoying as fuck and talk trash about the other for really no reason other than they're complete morons. There are some times when I could be classified as an Apple fanboy... but I have always respected Android. Not only for what it has brought to the table in terms of competition - but for actually being a worthy alternative. I've said many times that if I had money to throw away (hahaha) I would add another line to my plan and get some sort of Android device so that I could have one of each and learn from both.

Samsung Galaxy S II


Well... I didn't really get to that part of my plan... but let's just get to the point: iPhone 4 is gone (now Jen's) and I bought a Samsung Galaxy S II. It's running Android 2.3.4, is ridiculous thin, crazy light, and has a huge, gorgeous (AMOLED) screen. It's pretty awesome.

Truth be told, those are basically the (hardware) options I was HOPING for with a new iPhone. Ah well... maybe next time. No, seriously... if they announce a new iPhone next year as usual and it turns out to be brilliant, I'll probably be getting that and get rid of the GalaxyS2. Nothing against the awesome Samsung... but I'm hoping for something big... again.

So far, so good. I like to think I'm adjusting to my new OS world quite well. I have run into one or two "issues" so far though. Most notably with the bluetooth. My WRX's OEM radio has built-in BT and has always worked brilliantly with the iPhone. I expected the same for the Galaxy. Apparently not. I am able to pair it without issue - but when I get back in the car with my phone, it does not automatically connect again. Ever. If I want it connected, I have to do it manually. Ever. Time. Not exactly happy about that.

My other problem was today... with my data connection... well, my lack of a data connection I guess. Was running some errands and grabbing lunch downtown and basically had no connection. Maybe once every 15 minutes a notification might pop up - but neither the built-in web browser or Firefox would load. Foursquare would not find any venues and Twitter would not find any tweets. I was not happy. I tried to reboot the phone, twice. I togged airplane mode a couple times. Still nothing. Decided to swing by the AT&T store on the way back to work - his suggestion: pull the battery and the SIM card.

My response? "So... just like I have to do every week with my BlackBerry at work?"

Seriously, that will NOT be acceptable if it were to turn into a regular issue. Time will tell though, I'm only in day 3 of Android life.

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