Buying a new car means, to me, that everything should be perfect. No strange noises, no weird smells, no funky behavior. And if any of those things should creep up, it's going to the dealer to be fixed.

Back in May I noticed a rattle... I actually thought it was something with my suspension. It sounded like a loose sway bar endlink or something (I've had that problem before, on the tC). It started on the driver's side and eventually also started on the passenger side as well. So I took it in... When my car was "ready" the first time he said it was a seat latch and they had to order parts. In the meantime they had "taped" the latch to stop it from rattling.

That tape actually worked. After a while, I didn't recall getting a phone call about my parts being in - so when I was there getting oil for an oil change I checked with the service manager - ya, parts were in like 2 weeks previously. No one called. Awesome.

Made an appointment and got the new latches/strikers put in. All was well... until a couple weeks ago. It returned. So far it has only returned on the driver's side. This past Wednesday I had another appointment to have it checked out. Well, they said they "adjusted" the latch and it was OK now.


It STILL rattles. And now I drive around with my rear seat folded down just so I don't have to hear it. Have to go back and make a THIRD appointment for the same problem.

And did I mention that the first time they looked at it they broke the trim piece surrounding the seat latch? Ya... broke not only the little white clip, but the grey trim itself. At this last appointment I was sure to mention that as well and they ordered a replacement. That makes 2 times that I've gotten my car back from Simmons-Rockwell worse than when I dropped it off.

Maybe it's just me, but of all people that should know how to properly disassemble my car, it is a dealer that sells it. But no... the apparent monkey's in the service department just rip and tear things apart and ruin them. Not cool.

I have to make a point to call Subaru customer service at some point too... this is all getting a bit ridiculous. Both the rattling and the dealer continuing to ruin my car. Kind of annoying.

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