Every year Jen and I go to my family's reunion at the lake, we end up bumming plates/utensils from family to eat dinner. We just don't own any sort of "picnic" supplies. I figured this year we would change that and finally bring our own stuff. A "picnic basket" if you will... Seems like one of those things that would be nice to have around.

Apparently every store in the area has other ideas. We were hoping to find some decent plastic plates/bowls and possibly some plastic silverware (not disposable crap, just some reusable plasticware). This was not meant to be. We went to Target, Kohls, Dick's, Sears, some Kitchen Supplies store, and our Revereware Factory Store. Nothing to be found.

Well I wouldn't say nothing... but Target had zero picnic related supplies. Not even a standard picnic basket. Sure, there were random plastic dishes - but that's because they always carry some of that crap. I expressed my disappointment to the cashier and basically got the reply that "oh ya, the season's almost over so the school stuff is out now" ...

Summer? Almost over? It's the middle of fucking July. It's not almost over. There are still more than 2 months left!

Anywhere we found anything close to relevant, we found remnants of what used to be a summer/picnic section of a store. Everything was on discount and barely anything was left. Why is this? It is still summer. And still will be summer for a while yet... why are there no summer things left? WHY DO STORES DO THIS?

At this rate I'll be shocked if we don't see Christmas stuff by Labor Day.

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