I'm no English major, but I'm pretty sure that the word "unlimited" has something to do with "not having any limits."

I don't know why mobile phone companies can't comprehend this. Or maybe it is simply marketing departments that don't get it, I'm not sure. Either way, this is getting ridiculous.

T-Mobile is the latest offender, offering a few "unlimited" things. Let's look at a couple...

How about an "unlimited" Family Plan with data, talk, and text for 2 lines. So unlimited data. Unlimited talk. And unlimited text, right? Not so much. With this "unlimited" plan, you get 2 GB per month of "full speed data." But wait a minute, does that mean that anything over 2 GB is ... LIMITED?!

Limited in speed, yes. Anything over 2 GB is "reduced to up to 2G speeds for remainder of bill cycle." So you get 2 GB of 3G/4G and then "unlimited" EDGE data after that. OK, I get the "there's no limit on the amount of data" thing and no overage charges - that's great. But if you're throttling my connection speed at any point, THAT IS A LIMIT. Your claims are no longer valid. You are limiting the data.

Don't need a family plan? Their individual plans are the same. "Unlimited" data up to a certain point and then LIMITED speed beyond that.

I realize I'm making something here out a thing that's really not a big deal. It's great of them to keep offering as much data as you want. Just don't call it "unlimited" ... because it's not. I doubt anyone could convince the marketing people that - but the point remains.

Sadly, given the way our advertising works, as long as they include an * and declare that there are, in fact, limits on the data in the commercial, then it's no big deal! Lie all you want, as long as your clarify your lies up front!

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