With the addition of a 4th line on my AT&T bill, I've started to really look at the data usage and how much I'm paying for it. With all 4 of these phones being iPhones, each one requires a data plan. And since we're not heavy users and also not light data users, the 200mb plan is a bit too little... but the 2gb plan is a bit too much.

Where's my Goldilocks plan?

It's a shared data plan. And I want it now.

And now, 4 iPhones, each on the 2gb plan, we'll be paying $100/mo JUST in data, for an available 8gb of data per month.

In the last 6 months, with 3 iPhones on the plan (paying a total of $75 per month for an available 6gb of data per month), we have used a TOTAL of 5.5gb of data. That's all three lines. Combined. For 6 months. And in those same 6 months, we've used an average of 900mb per month - COMBINED - all while I've been paying for 6gb per month. So basically I'm paying $75 a month and using about $11 worth of data.

I have a Family Talk plan. Where's my Family Data plan? How hard is it to give me 3gb of data per month to share between all of my iPhones... for around $35? Need more? How about a 5gb shared plan for $50 per month?

I can think of no other reason to NOT do this other than pure greed. Why would AT&T want to simplify things and save me money when they can fuck me over every month for $100 worth of data that I'm not using? Sure, an obvious answer might be "so just use more data and get your money's worth" ... OK, but that's not a solution. I'm not going to try to use data for the sake of using data. That's just dumb.

So... AT&T... how about you go "above and beyond" for me and give me a reasonable, shared data plan? That is of course, if you actually mean what your website says:

"AT&T goes above and beyond to serve our customers."

Or is that just a bunch of PR crap?

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  • Robert Aitchison

    June 18, 2011 at 9:03 pm

    T-Mobile is similar but IMO slightly better, their current plans (which we aren’t on) have 3 tiers. The first is 200MB, the second is 2GB and the third is 5GB. The difference is that when you go over they don’t charge you extra they throttle you to EDGE speeds. Some people hate the throttling but I think it’s much better than overage charges.

    I’m lucky that my wife is a very light data user, she has never used more than 50MB in a month so the 200MB is a no brainer, for my son and I we could get away with a 1GB plan or all three of us could share one 2GB plan.

    IMO they deliberately set the lowest tier low enough to be impractical for most people so they will choose a higher (or unlimited) tier.

  • ack154

    June 18, 2011 at 9:40 pm

    I’m totally with you on that last bit… I have no doubts that it’s deliberate.

  • Jake

    June 24, 2011 at 4:14 pm

    I heard recently that AT&T is conjuring up shared family data plan via If AT&T knew what the heck they were doing, they would have done this last summer.