I don't know if there's just a problem with my account or what... but AT&T is kind of pissing me off.

I was in the area of an AT&T store today and after yesterday's phone debacle, I figured it best to just stop by and order the phone in person. Can't be that bad, right?


The girl helping me was very nice... I explained that the website wouldn't let me add a line and buy a new phone. I kept getting that stupid error. I even tried this morning before I went to WGI for the day. Same problem then. I proceeded to tell her that I wanted to add a line and purchase a refurbished iPhone 4.

She goes on to tell me they don't sell them in the store (I already know this). I confirm that this is OK, and to go ahead and order one. She says they can't even order them - you can only get them online. Puzzled, I explained that I wouldn't be there if I could actually place the order online like I originally wanted to.

So how is it possible that there are products available online that I cannot order in an actual AT&T store? How the hell does that work? I completely understand not stocking them in the store... but for the associates not being able to order from the store, I'm completely flabbergasted.

She offered to call the Customer Service number and try to order one through them. She gets them on the phone only to eventually find out they can't order them either! WHAT THE FUCK? I saw that the AT&T website says that particular phone is "online only" but I guess I didn't take it so literally. I expected an employee somewhere would be able to place an order.

However... the lady on the phone was able to get into my account and see that the add a line worked. So the girl at the store hung up and was able to log in on her computer there and successfully add a line. Except then... we found out that ALL versions of the refurbished iPhone 4 were sold out.


After confirming with my brother, we finally settled on a new, white, 16gb, iPhone 4. After 2 days of crap and some extreme frustration, I finally had a phone. Even though it took multiple phone calls, a trip to an AT&T store, and ANOTHER phone call... thanks AT&T. For sucking so much.

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