Trying to add an additional line to my account tonight... apparently AT&T doesn't want my money.

I (did) have the 550 family talk plan and was trying to add an additional line to that - apparently that is not possible as that plan has a 3 line limit (wtf?). I was getting a message that said there was a "Unidentified Problem" with my account. O rly? How do you know there's a problem if you can't identify it?

Once I found out there was a 3 line limit on the 550 min plan, I changed my plan to the 700 minute family talk plan (5 line limit). I tried to add a line again - same error. Kind of annoyed now. Called 611 (customer support) and tried to go to the Sales number - they're closed. Sorry, but if I'm on a Business plan (discount from work), you should never be closed - especially when it involves me trying to give you more money.

Found another number that said it was 24/7 - turned out it led me right back to the same 611 line. OK, let's try something else... went to the "other account questions" option to see if they could tell me why I was getting the error on the website. First time I tried this it seemed to transfer me OK and then a message came on that said they could not answer my call due to an unknown problem and then I was just randomly disconnected. Getting more annoyed now.

Called back again... selecting the same account option. Finally got a real person. He said there was a known issue with the website and they've been having ongoing issues and they are working on it. OK, I can accept that... He then proceeded to tell me he couldn't help me with adding a new line but would transfer me to the people that could. Cool. Maybe this will actually work.

Though in the back of my head, my first though was "this ass better not just transfer me to the same sales line that is closed right now" ... ya, he totally did. The message came on and said they were closed and to call back and then hung up on me.

Now is it too much to expect this guy to KNOW that their sales line is closed at this hour? I don't think so. I would be slightly less annoyed had he just said "normally I would transfer you to our sales department, but I do believe they are closed at this time - if you'd like to call back tomorrow I'm sure they can help you."

But no... he transferred me right over there and I accomplished nothing. Now I have to wait until tomorrow and try all of this all over again.

Thank you AT&T. For nothing.

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  • Tomas - University Place, WA

    June 14, 2011 at 1:58 am

    That is one reason why our company did not allow cold transfers of customers – we were required to stay on the line until the customer got to where they should have. If they hit a dead end, as you did, we were still on-line with them to continue helping.