I have to deal with printers a lot. Sometimes they're just small, personal ones. And sometimes they're large, "enterprise" versions. Almost all of them are made by HP... for one reason or another.

I've noticed many stupid things with these printers (and HP) that I really do not understand. Here are a couple examples...

I was looking up replacing a large color printer and was eying the CP5525dn. The problem is that it needs to be on its own stand and needs 1 additional tray (total of 4, including manual feed). HP offers no configuration like this. They sell the printer with a total of 3 trays (CP5525dn) and they sell a stand with a total of 3 trays (CE725A). And they also sell a printer on a stand with a total of 6 trays (CP5525xh). They also sell the additional trays individually.

Problem 1: There is no option of ONLY buying the rolling cart for the printer. You either buy it with the 3 extra trays or you don't buy it. WTF? I do not need 3 additional trays and do not want to pay for them. Not to mention that it's $1300 for the package. I confirmed this in a chat session online with an HP support person.

Problem 2: To buy the printer that includes the trays and stand already (CP5525xh) is $4400. To buy the printer separately (CP5525dn) and then buy the stand with the additional trays (CE725A) it comes to $4000. What? It's $400 cheaper if I buy the printer and the stand package separately? Are you serious? Why would anyone want to buy the CP5525xh to begin with?

Dear HP: Get your shit together. Both of these things are absurd and retarded. I don't want/need 3 extra trays with the cart to roll my printer around and I also think you're absolutely asinine to charge more for what would be considered a bundle of multiple items.

Top tip: If you're going to bundle two things together that would normally be purchased separately - typically that bundle should be cheaper than they are separately. It's like buying a combo meal at a fast food place. I can buy a burger, fries and a drink separately... but it's cheaper to order a #1 and get the same exact things.

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  • John P. Printers

    November 17, 2011 at 4:34 pm

    The difference is that the xh model has a higher speed 120gb encrypted hd not a 8gb non encrypted hd.