I know I filled out one survey a few months ago after buying a my new car (and I know I did a few of them years ago when I bought the tC). I don't recall what that first one was - maybe JD Power or something. Not sure.

I got another one yesterday from Maritz. This one is a "Vehicle Comparison Study." My assumption is that they want to figure out why I bought the car that I did instead of a few others. Their choices for comparison were interesting... There are 4 other cars they list: Hyundai Genesis Coupe, Honda Civic Si, Mazda Mazdaspeed3, and Mitsubishi Eclipse.

Now if you recall, when I narrowed my list down, it did include the Genesis and the Mazda. Both were options that I was shopping for along with the WRX. My other initial options included a VW GTI, Volvo C30 and a Mini Cooper S. The Eclipse and Civic were VERY far from the list.

The Civic is... well, it's a Honda. I really have zero interest in it for many reasons. The Eclipse is... just an Eclipse. And it's ugly. So considering what I had initially shopped for, it was surprising to see those on my survey thing.

Anyway, the survey goes on through some of the features that came with the car vs things I would have wanted. But the thing is, if I wanted it, I got it. There was no real middle ground of "I really wish my car had x." If there was, I would have gotten the car with it or it was not that important. I did THAT much research beforehand.

There were also some strange questions on if my car were a person, what "traits" would it have (ex: passionate, spirited, tough, daring, cheerful, etc). It asked the same about Subaru as a brand.

Then there was the typical "what would you consider for your next vehicle" and gave me some brands and asked how familiar I was with them. Thing is, I could have probably answered "very familiar" for all of them... considering that if I wanted to know something about a car, I'd look it up. I may not know everything about every Acura at this moment, but give me a computer and a couple of hours and I could tell you what you needed to know.

My favorite part though was the "alternative engine" section. It started by asking what "alternative" engined cars I've driven or researched. As it pertains to my new car shopping, the only thing I looked at was the Golf TDI. It was a nice car (especially with the VW interior!) but not really what I was going for. It was just something the dealer offered based on my choices. It wasn't a bad suggestion - just not my thing.

The one part that stuck out at me was the "if you were looking at 2 models" with the only difference being one was hybrid (or diesel or electric) and one was not - how much more would you pay for the "alternative" one.

I like this question because I was able to answer "would want the option, but would NOT pay more for it" for all of them. That's one problem I have with hybrid and diesel cars. Many people want to buy them because they'll save money on gas - but in reality, the extra money you're spending on them is absurd based on your savings. Of course, this is something I've already covered previously.

Not that I expect my answers to matter... but I wanted to make a point of it where I had the ability to do so. Do I seriously expect them to not charge anything extra for a hybrid option over a regular car? No, not really. but when some of those options are well over $5k more than the original car, I think that's ridiculous - regardless of the car.

Anyway... that's survey #2 for the WRX... done and done.