It's been 2 weeks since we closed up the first event of the season. It'll be about 5 weeks until we hit event #3 (6/19 at the Arnot Mall). And let's hope that after those 5 weeks, we get a little bit better weather.

Event #2 Conditions

Event #2 Conditions

To say that the 5th event was a wet one would be quite an understatement. It was a soggy one. It was beyond soggy actually. It was whatever that next level of ridiculously wet and uncomfortable would be. I don't know the word for that.

Anyway... Jen and I skipped out on helping with registration for this event (there were plenty of other volunteers, so we didn't abandon them or anything). And since it was going to be raining, standing out on course picking up cones while other people were driving really didn't sound to appealing. That's why I volunteered us for Timing & Scoring. When you do T&S, you get to sit in a comfy van, out of the weather. Best decision I made all day.

I was hopeful that with it raining and me having this fancy new AWD car that I should be able to do awesome all day. Not so much. The AWD is great and I'm sure it helped - but it was a slick course with more than a few tricky bits that I don't really feel like I got down. But even with that said, I still had the fastest run of the first run group after we all completed our 4 runs. That's not too bad. Turns out though, that time was the best I'd do all day.

Jen was also doing OK in her class - though she had some tough competition. She improved all of her morning times and was pretty satisfied after her first 4 runs. Similar to me (and everyone else, really) Jen would also not improve on her best time for the second set of runs.

After our half hour lunch break we lined up to start our second set of 4 more runs. During lunch the rain had subsided a bit to light (though still annoying) mist. As soon as the first car started off the line it started raining again. Not really what I would call "pouring" but more of what I would call "well this sucks, now the course is going to be soaked with more standing water" kind of rain. And that it was.

Like I said, not many people improved their times from the morning in the second session. There were a few that didn't do so great in the first runs that had some room to improve - but not many people. That said, I did get within 2 tenths of my morning time on my 7th run (3rd of the afternoon session). I was fairly satisfied with that, given the conditions.

I was really hoping to be at the top of the PAX list for the day - but it was not to be. I was ousted at the top by two Minis. One, a regular cooper in HS. Pretty sure that guy has done this before. The second was a Cooper S that was slightly modified running in STX. Both of their PAX times beat me. Oh well though. Turns out not all is lost, as I'm currently leading PAX overall after 2 events!

So I don't have any pictures from the event (because it sucked) except the one above. I do, however, have some video! First... here are a couple links to the results for the day:

Full Results & PAX Results