I wish I had something to compare all of this data to. It might put my mind a bit at ease. But here we are, just over half way through the initial 30 days of the Snapshot connected to both cars. So far I'm really not sure what to think. I guess I'll know more on that in about 11 days (how many more days of data it says that it needs for my car).

At this point, I can say that I'm slightly less worried about the "hard brakes per 100 miles" portion, but I still don't know what to think of the number. At this moment, my weekly averages look like this:

  • High Risk Driving Time: 0 hours
  • Miles Driven: 190 miles
  • Hard Brakes per 100 Miles: 14.58

So, is that good? Honestly the "miles driven" part is probably a bit misleading. I don't normally drive that much. We had an unplanned trip to Rochester last weekend (100 miles one way) so that is likely throwing the average a bit out of whack. I also had a really bad day of hard brakes the other day.

I had to pick up a package at UPS but the truck wasn't back yet. So I went back a little later when they expected the truck would be back. It wasn't. One of the guys called the truck and he was apparently running really far behind. They got the street that he was on and I was going to try to meet him and just pick up my package that way. It wasn't far (maybe 2 miles).

Problem was that this street has a ton of stop signs and is a very residential area. So while I wasn't speeding around like some asshole (seriously, there were kids everywhere - I'm not an idiot), I was stopping at all of these stop signs and looking around for this truck. I'm sure that my hard brakes number was also not helped by my frustrations of not even finding the truck. So by the time I left that neighborhood and headed home, I was probably quite annoyed. That doesn't translate very well to slow, calm, casual braking.

Then again, that's why they look at the averages I guess. Hopefully it'll sort itself out in the next 11 days and won't look so awful when they go to review the data. Who knows.

Jen's data is actually a bit more consistent. She probably drive's a bit less than I do (we take my car more often) and typically only has 1 or 2 hard brakes per day... if that. This is good. And honestly, her car is really the initial reason I signed up for the Snapshot thing in the first place. I know it doesn't get used very often (just barely broke 16k miles after 2 years) and she doesn't drive like a mad (wo)man or anything either. Somehow though, her car needs 2 more days of data than mine does before it'll be ready.

Can't wait to save some money.

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  • dan

    May 14, 2011 at 12:12 am

    Funny you ask about having some data to compare this to, as I seem to have signed up for this program at about the same time as you (I need 12 more days.) Here’s what I have for a seven day average (I’m in Columbus, OH if that matters.)

    High Risk Driving Time: 0 hours
    Miles Driven: 198.69 miles
    Hard Brakes per 100 Miles: 3.42

    I’m actually kinda pissed about the hard brakes thing, as I went 8 days without any at all then I had to rush home from work to take my wife to the hospital.

    I seem to benefit by commuting to work really early…after 4AM, which avoids Progressive’s high risk category, but before 6AM, when the city of Columbus turns on its traffic lights (they flash yellow at night on many intersections.) This gives me the ability to cruise to work relatively unimpeded. In the afternoon, I’m off work by 3 usually, missing rush hour.

  • Ashok

    May 15, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    I just received the current and projected Snapshot discounts on both our cars. Like you, we drive very rarely between 12:00 am and 4:00 am – probably less than once a year. Most of driving is during the morning and evening rush hours, driving to/from downtown New Orleans. Our commute each way is about 5 miles.

    Vehicle 1:

    High-risk driving time – 0
    Weekly Average – 73.01 miles
    Hard brakes / 100 miles – 0.4

    Vehicle 2:

    High-risk driving time – 0
    Weekly Average – 66.29 miles
    Hard brakes / 100 miles – 0.17

    We got the full 30% discount on both vehicles (Progressive sends you a check). We have to keep the Snapshot devices active until its time for our renewal (i.e. 5 months from now), and if the situation doesn’t change, it will be a 30% discount.

  • ack154

    May 15, 2011 at 5:41 pm

    Thank you both for sharing your details so far! Once I get through the first 30 days I’m sure I’ll have another update of my numbers and the potential discount.

  • masenkablast

    June 28, 2011 at 3:03 pm

    I just got through my first 30 days and your numbers look better than mine. It states that I average 45 hard brakes per 100 miles 🙁

    No accidents, no tickets (ever)… since the day I started driving. I mostly take my car back and forward to the gym once or twice a day.

    The only downside is that the route to the gym has very little traffic (and I drive only during off hours) but the speed limits go (35-45-55-45-55-45-50) all within a ten minute drive. Not to mention i’m a slow driver and many times drive under the speed limit. Very weird.

  • ack154

    June 28, 2011 at 3:50 pm

    Wow, that seems pretty high. Have to start braking sooner maybe… Certainly makes you think a bit about what you’re doing! I get more annoyed now when people cut me off or something b/c I’m like “aw crap, that was another ‘hard brake’!” 🙂