A Royal Annoyance

Dear all US news outlets:

Please ease up on the "royal wedding" coverage. IT IS JUST A WEDDING. No, I don't care where this girl grew up. Nor do I want to watch an interview with one of her former preschool teachers talk about how she was such a good kid and she knew she was destined for great things and blah blah blah (I just made that up - but I'm surprised that hasn't happened yet).

Look, I get it, it's a happy time for them. Awesome. Let them be happy and enjoy it. With the amount of news coverage this is getting in the US (where they have absolutely zero presence), you'd think they were descendents of George Washington or something.

I can understand this kind of attention in the UK... you know... where they are from? But can I please just go a day without checking a news site for ACTUAL news and getting plastered with crap about a royal wedding that I could not possibly care less about?

Is that so much to ask?



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