Third time's the charm, right?

I've posted 2 other articles on hiding foursquare checkins from your Twitter timeline (one using Tweetdeck on your computer, the 2nd using Echofon on your iPhone) and now I finally have one for your timeline! This post will show you how to filter foursquare checkins directly on the website! No new Twitter app required (though there are some other things required... as follows).


Got both of those squared away? Great. Time to get with the script.

Head on over to this page on Userscripts and install the filter script from there (click the button in upper right that says Install). It should be working right away - so once installed, head on over to Twitter and look for the Filter link at the top of the page. If you don't see the link yet, just refresh the page.

To filter foursquare check-ins, click the Filter link and use the "Containing Words" field. The easiest way is to use the foursquare URL: Enter "" in the Containing Words field (no quotes) and click Apply.

Ta-da! The foursquare check-ins in your timeline should now disappear. Note, however, that may also will include any new mayorships and badges unlocked - which also typically include the URL.

That's it.

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