Despite the still-freezing-weather, I chose to have my summer tires mounted this past Friday. Fortunately when I bought the car, they were immediately removed (with only 5 miles) and put in storage. Now, they're back on the car. Brand new tires for $0. Win.

And because of my ridiculous paranoia, I made sure to look over my car before I took it in. I even took a quick photo of each wheel, since those were going to be handled by someone I didn't quite trust yet. And I can assure you that all 4 of my wheels were spotless when I arrived at my appointment.

Chipped Wheel

The worst of the two.

Turns out, I had good reason to be paranoid. I made sure to look it over before I left the dealer... to find 2 wheels chipped. One of them VERY obvious and the other a minor nick.

Trying very hard not to flip shit and go into a crazy rage, I went back into the service area and told the guy I just talked to that my wheels are damaged. He came out to check them and after trying to assure me that there was no way their tire machine could do this, advised me to come back the next day (Saturday) to talk to the manager.

I don't care if the machine can or can't do it. There's still a person and tools involved - which leaves plenty of room for careless errors. Certainly I would not settle for a "there's no way we did this." I told the guy that I had photos of each of the wheels from less than 24 hours ago. There's no way they would be arguing out of this.

Fast forward to Saturday morning, I return to the dealer. I proceed to take the manager outside and show him the wheels. As a precaution, I also had printed up the pictures from the "day before" of all of my wheels - along with pictures of the new damage. Turns out I didn't need them. Surprisingly, the manager was cool about it and I didn't even need to argue. He said they'd order me 2 new wheels on Monday and call me when they're in.

I was actually kind of shocked. This particular dealer has some good and bad reviews out there (and to be honest I was quite hesitant to even use them in the first place). So the damage to the wheels is a huge issue - but so far, the handling of the problem outweighs that. Of course, if they screw something else up, I'm not going to be able to keep going back for problems - regardless if they fix them or not.

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