There's a disconnect somewhere and I'm not sure where it is.

With Discover Card, that is. I got a phone call tonight from some girl at Discover asking me why I hadn't activated the most recent card they had sent me. The answer, simply, was because I had shredded it.

The long answer though, is because they continue to send me extra cards. I probably could not tell you how many cards they've sent me over the years... even if they're not expired... and I didn't ask for them, they'll send me new ones.

Obviously this is in the hope that they'll jog my memory to remind me that I do in fact have a Discover card and should then be using it. Thing is, I know I have a Discover card... and I don't want to use it. So it boggles my mind why they keep sending them to me.

Anyway, at the time that I received that latest card, I think my total was 3 or 4 cards in my possession. Annoyed that they continue to randomly send them to me, I called (you can imagine the frustration it would take for me to voluntarily call these people). I explained that they continue to send me cards and I want them to stop. Not only that, I want to make sure I only have 1 card (last thing I need is extras laying around to get stolen or lost). My others were not activated, but I told them which card I would keep (there's a digit on the back that indicates to them which cards I have) and to delete the rest from their system. This was actually easier than I had expected.

So here I am now, with 1 card. And earlier tonight explaining all of this to a girl who wanted to know why I hadn't activated my newest card. Well, it was because I didn't have that card. But since she didn't bother to look at my account before she called to know that I had it deleted. While we were on the phone she was able to look and see that I had them removed - but then proceeded to ask me if I use my card for every day purchases... blah blah blah.

Hell no.

I tried to explain to her that regardless of whatever cash-back bullshit they were running, I was doing everything possible to NOT use credit. Not just Discover, but ANY credit cards. She finally gave up after starting to sell me on something else and realizing it was futile.

Oh well. At least I wasted her time.

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