Firefox 4 RCThis week has included trying out a few new things in the "internet" space. Things I probably would have not bothered with were it not for a random whim to download each of them...

For example... Firefox 4. I downloaded one of the beta versions late last week (or maybe it was over the weekend). Nothing really special sparked my interest to download - just saw it one of the days and figured I'd give it a try. I was actually a bit concerned about plugin compatibility - but since I was grabbing one of the later betas (12? 14? I forget), I figured many would be compatible now.

Turns out I was right. And it also turns out that FF4 is a lot like FF3. Though the one, most noticeable change is that tabs default to the top of the window (and even to the Title Bar if your window is maximized). Normally I'd probably just change them back to what I'm used to, but I figured it wouldn't kill me to learn some new ways. Another big change is the lack of a standard Menu Bar. Menu items are now accessible via a drop down Firefox menu in the upper left. Works fine for me. I've already figured out where most of the Menu Bar items were that I typically used.

Shortly after I installed the beta version, they also released the (first) Release Candidate build. This really just means that it is closer to the official release. I haven't noticed any major differences from the beta to the RC though (yet). The one thing that is bugging the shit out of me though, is that the links to "Open in New Tab" and "Open in New Window" on the right click context menu are switched. Or maybe I'm crazy and my FF3 install did something totally different, but I'm not liking it. I find myself opening things in new windows WAY more often now, because I meant to open them in a new tab.

If you want to try the Firefox 4 Release Candidate, you can download it from Mozilla!

HootSuiteAnother thing I've tried this week has been HootSuite. OK, well, I've actually used it once before. I had a "fake" account previously to manage a joke Twitter account - but really had no idea how it really worked or how to best use it. I rarely logged in after I initially set it up and didn't really put much effort into it.

Fast forward a while and now I have a total of 4 different Twitter accounts that I toy with or manage in some way (all my own, not "clients" or any of that). And instead of logging out and back into anytime I want to do anything, it made so much more sense to try and manage them in one place. I had heard that HootSuite actually makes that pretty simple... figured it was worth a try.

I added all of my accounts in and then created separate tabs where I can load different "streams" from any of the accounts I have. So if I want a tab for just "Mentions" on Twitter, I can have a stream for each of my accounts that is only the Mentions of that account. Or I can put all of the different streams of one account on one tab. Kind of cool.

And the nice part is that regardless of which account I want to post to, the box at the top of the page can post to any of them without loading a specific tab or stream. Just click the avatar of the account you want to post from and send your message! The other thing I use HootSuite for is scheduling of tweets. You can schedule tweets to post at a specific date and time. For example, one of my accounts posts a movie quote every business day at 2pm. I just schedule the new messages in HS and let them go! It does all the work and I don't have to remember to post something from that account that day.

What are those twitter accounts? Well here are the ones that I feel like sharing:

  • ack154 - My personal account.
  • OMGSheSaidYes - Our engagement blog account.
  • FnF_moviequotes - Random movie quotes from the Fast & Furious movie franchise (mostly for my own entertainment).

Feel free to "follow" along with any of those accounts...

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