Let's make sure one thing is very clear... I do not like Facebook.

But on occasion, it feels like it is a "necessary evil" for some things. Specifically when it comes to whoring websites that I may or may not be running.

As was mentioned not too long ago, I started a new website for people to follow our engagement. And most of the whoring of that website has been done via Jen's Facebook profile. While this is all well and good for many things, a) I probably shouldn't be logging into her account and b) it actually started to become a bit of a hassle.

If you didn't know, I did previously have a Facebook account... for a little while. I deleted it though - because it felt useless. I never used it for anything. This was actually for a couple reasons... mostly because I couldn't stand it but also because I didn't want to open up a chance of getting "sucked into it." Oh, and another big reason that I avoided using it was because I was (am) incredibly sick of hearing about it. FB this. FB that. Super annoying.

All of that said... here's my new FB profile:

Keep your expectations low. I know I am.

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  • dave

    July 28, 2011 at 1:02 pm

    I want to start a facebook page – and just make shit up.
    “Here I am with the Queen of England playing snooker.”
    “My super HOT naked girlfreinds, and their even hotter 18 year old daughters.”
    “007 has nothing on me.”
    Who wants to read boring shit about your pet?
    Well, maybe the lions fighting with the panthers again…LOL