Toyota debuted the "FT-86 II" this week at the Geneva Motor Show. And I have to say, it looks good.

Unfortunately, they're WAY late, for me anyway. As anyone that has talked to me in the 6 months would know, I have my new car already. And sadly, the FT-86 wasn't even part of the discussion. After rumor after rumor of delay, and no real news from Toyota on what was going on, I gave up waiting.

Word so far is that it will go on sale some time next year. That tells me either they will begin production later this year and it'll hit showrooms early next year as a 2012 model or they begin production early next year and it hits showrooms later in 2012 as a 2013 model.

Either way, that's a long damn time... and this is still technically a concept.

Toyota FT-86 II
Toyota FT-86 II

It makes me a bit sad actually... cause that's a damn hot car. Especially in black. Oh well.

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