If you have not been following me on the twitter (why the fuck not?), I figure that this is another great place to whore a joint project that both Jen and I will be working on...

It is:

This will serve as a "project" blog that the two of us will post to with the intention of sharing many of our thoughts and ideas for engagement and a wedding. Of course, the wedding is pretty far down the road - but I'm sure we can come up with some random stuff to post about until then.

A lot of it may end up being our thoughts on being engaged, maybe how we envision our wedding, probably some background on the two of us. That kind of stuff. And eventually (a few years down the road, likely) we will probably start throwing around actual wedding ideas and plans and those sorts of things.

So head on over... read our couple intro posts, add it to your favorites, share it on your facebooks, whatever. We'd love to see some participation!

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