My turn signal is insane.

Ok, not insane, but it has problems. Could be the bulb. Could be the wiring. Not sure yet. There's a good article on ClubWRX about other 2011 owners having the same issue, as well as one on NASIOC (well, probably a bunch on NASIOC).

The problem is this: 2011 WRX, the front, driver's side bulb gives indications that it is bad. It blinks fast most of the time (but is fine some of the other time). The passenger side is fine. And I can tell that is the front/driver's side because when you look at the bulb as it is blinking, it is very dim.

Common sense and instinct says this is simply a bad bulb - but there apparently was a "tech tip" from Subaru in January about this very problem. It indicated that the wiring to the bulb could be stretched a bit too tight and that was causing the problem.

I don't know yet. I have an appointment tomorrow at 2:30 to have it checked out.

If it is a bulb, why don't I just replace it myself? Mostly because I shouldn't have to.

a) It shouldn't have this problem so soon.
b) Even if it does, warranty should cover it - regardless of how simple it would be for me.

I would rather take the time to go to the dealer and have them fix it as well as have on record that it was an issue. If everyone just "fixed" it themselves by replacing the bulb or something, then Subaru wouldn't know it was an issue, would they?

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  • Chad Kacyon

    March 2, 2011 at 11:15 am

    Definitely doesn’t sound like a bulb. More like a wiring/connector/relay issue. Do you get what I call “hyperblinker”? 🙂