Late last year I got a very strange text message from some random number I didn't recognize. It was spam for a casino in Florida. The message read like this...

It's a Poker Thing! Mega Bad Beat is up to $415,000. Visit Seminole Casino Coconut Creek and place your bets. Rply STOP to stop

Well, I replied with "STOP" and have yet to receive another message from that number (41782). Not only do I not have any plans to visit Florida anytime in the near (or distant) future, but I also have no plans to ever visit this casino - even before the spam!

It seems that they were not through with me, as I received another spam message from the same casino today... but from a different number. This message was as follows...

Seminole Casino Coconut Creek: We added one more day to win a Caddy. Swipe your card on Fri, Feb 25 to receive 25-500 bonus entries! Rply STOP to stop

I have yet to reply with "STOP" to this one... considering that it does not appear to have worked for the previous message (or did it? this one is technically from a different number). This one came from 24587.

I don't get telemarketers calling my number and I get zero SMS spam (other than these two exceptions). Visiting their website (which I refuse to link) shows no indication of anything related to text alerts of specials or promotions - so I really have no idea where it would come from or why they would do that.

In case they didn't notice, I live in NY, have only been to Florida once in my life (when I was about 14) and have never even heard of this casino prior to these messages. And while I can now say that I've heard of "Seminole Casino Coconut Creek" ... my first reaction upon hearing it again will not be "hey, we should go gambling, I know that place" ... it will instead be "fuck those people, they use SMS spam."

If anyone reading this has ever been to this casino or is planning to visit it at anytime in the future, I urge you to reconsider. As fairly intelligent beings, it should be common practice for everyone to avoid establishments that use these type of tactics.

As far as I'm concerned, the whole place can burn down and I wouldn't bat an eye. Spammers of any kind are one of the lowest forms of life... not "child molester" low, but pretty low.

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