Last I checked commercial breaks are for commercials. TV shows are for TV shows. And the two should be mixed as little as possible.

Tonight's example is White Collar. I've never actually seen the show, but have at least been curious to check it out. Turns out the show is not that bad... but the product placement blows.

I'm fine with seeing specific products casually placed within a show... I expect that. They make money from it. What I'm not fine with is a close up of the front grille of the Fusion and then another tight shot clearly showing the unmistakable Hybrid badge of the car.

Sadly that is not enough. The following scene goes on to show the "leaves" on the dash of the Fusion with the driver explaining that they show how "green" you are driving. And they joke about her not driving very "green" at the moment. Ha ha ha.

Still not done. OMG, a phone call. Better zoom in on the button to answer the call using the car's built in bluetooth! And I mean zoom in REALLY close on that button as it is pressed to answer the phone.

*le sigh*

Sure, just me whining about this again... but come on. Can we at least let the show play out as it normally should without having to fit in an incredibly obvious commercial for something in the middle of it? Go ahead and have them drive the Fusion Hybrid... that's fine (it's a good car!) but as soon as there has to be a special shoot for scenes to focus on the just the car, it's going too far.

For what a commercial should be, check out this Subaru Forester commercial... with dogs... doing donuts.