If you haven't figured out by now, I'm fairly social...

OK, OK, I may not really be a "people person" ... but I like to pretend I'm social on the internet. I use a lot of "social" apps (look to the right!) and I tend to be somewhat an early adopter as far as those things go.

Foursquare is an obvious example of this... I started using it back in March of last year and was in well before their first million users (my ID is 597777). I use it every day to defend my existing mayorships and gain new ones, many of which are local businesses that I like and want to support. Oh, and I love badges.

So not only do I continue to patronize my favorite spots, but the possibility of a new badge or a new mayorship will usually get me to try something new or go to a new venue. It's really a win-win for me and the area.

Super MayorBut what about those usual spots? I dare anyone to try and legitimately unseat me from my Aniello's mayorship. I will fight that to the death. But my problem is that as much as I go there, I don't have a whole lot of variety in my meals. Chicken wing pizza. Chicken wing sub. Pepperoni pizza. That's usually about it. They're all awesome, but they have a LOT more on their menu that I've never tried (I have had some other things, but not many and not often).

This is where we step outside the foursquare realm and dip into a new app, Foodspotting. It really is exactly what it says... an app for spotting food. You have a nice meal at a place and take a picture, say what it is and maybe leave some thoughts. Other users (your friends or anyone, really) can see that and see where it was and comment or "want it" or "nom it" if they've had it.

But what good would this app be if I took pictures of the same food every time I went? None at all.

Perfect opportunity to try new things. And that's just what I've been doing. I'm really just getting started, but I've "spotted" 4 different things just at Aniellos since I started using the app a few weeks ago. Of course two them are regular favs of Chicken Wing Pizza and a Chicken Wing Sub... but the other two are things that are NOT usual for me.

Cheese Calzone w/ Meatball

Cheese Calzone w/ Meatball

My last two meals there were a Chicken Parm Sub (what can I say, I love chicken) and just today I had a Cheese Calzone (with slices of meatball baked in!). Both are delicious. And while I may have eventually decided to expand upon my horizons and their menu... it was Foodspotting that pushed me over the edge.

I wanted to be able to share some cool things... not the same thing over and over again. That's no fun.

And now with the combination of these (and other) social apps, I am way more encouraged to do just that. Foursquare lets me share some cool new places that I may not normally go to and Foodspotting lets me share some awesome food I otherwise may not have ordered.

How can you not like that?

That Cheese Calzone today? Awesome, by the way.

(my profile on these and other services are available in the column on the right!)

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  • Alexa from Foodspotting

    February 17, 2011 at 1:24 pm

    Hi Allan! I’m so glad to hear that Foodspotting encourages you to try new, spot-worthy things! We started Foodspotting in hopes it would encourage people to try new things, by learning about them through Foodspotting, but you bring up a good point — even the sharing aspect makes you want to try new things so you can share them. Thanks so much for the great post!